Mission Vision


Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and share the word of God from the Bible, with every man, woman and child in the Caribbean.


The mission is focused in three areas:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Church Plantings
  3. Strengthening & growing existing churches


  • To support is the 34 churches in 13 countries and 4 territories throughout the Caribbean.
  • To reach the 40 million people scattered throughout the islands.
  • Majority of churches led by volunteers, and the goal is to train and to raise up evangelists and establish an eldership.

Challenges in the Caribbean: 

Training for Leadership

Availability of training resources have been limited, and as such, few people have been trained for ministry work. The volunteer church leadership are very dedicated but have been navigating on their own. In order to help alleviate this challenge the Caribbean Missions Society will focus on providing training for those interested in ministry work.

Geography & High Cost of Travel

Travel between islands and various countries is very costly. Airfare can represent more than a month’s salary in some of the islands and inter-island ferries are sparse. With this challenge, the ability to meet with other churches in person or attending workshops held at some of the more established churches is prohibitive.  The Caribbean Missions Society is diligently working at setting up workshops that will benefit the members as well as the church leadership.

Substantially Lower Incomes

Due to the economy of these countries weekly offerings often do not meet the budgeted expenses. This limits the ability of the churches to provide programs for the church and the community.

Four Major Languages are Spoken

Currently the following languages are spoken in the Caribbean – English, Spanish, French & Dutch. Even with today’s technology, communication presents a challenge.