Workshop for Christian Teachers:

Teachers not only need to impart knowledge to their students, but they are often also required to teach various coping skills. Often recognizing a problem that children may be encountering is imperative in helping students to deal with stresses and fears effectively. In addition identifying learning strategies will help the teacher student relationship be a successful one

Christian Financial Workshop:

One of the greatest sources of tension in our world today is finances. There never seems to be enough. We are pleased to offer 3 workshops on finances that clearly teach biblical principles for managing money – 1. Christian Perspective on Managing Finances; 2. Christian Financial Principles for Marriage Contentment; and 3. Biblical Financial Wisdom. The goal of these workshops is to see money from a biblical perspective and be able to have your financial life in order

Christian Conflict Resolution:

Conflict happens every day, even among Christians; it is how the conflict is handled that makes a difference. Our highly trained experts will teach participants how to deal with conflicts using biblical principles to come to resolutions that are spiritually focused. By participating in the workshop, you will learn strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.

Elders Training Program for Christian Churches:

As churches grow there is an increasing need for mature men and women to help church members reach a higher level of spiritual maturity. The task is far too great for the local minister to complete without the support of other spiritually mature men. The Eldership Training Program is designed to help local churches find men who are able and willing to fill the role as elder.

Christian Parenting of Special Needs Children:

Focusing on the needs of special needs children is a consuming part of parenting. Learn from parents who know the joys and the struggles. Get refreshed by meeting parents and family members who understand what your life is like. Build friendships and support relationships.

Christian Parenting of Teenagers:

Parenting teens is not an easy task and it often involves the parents to be aware of not only the teen’s character but also the parent’s character. Using biblical wisdom as a guide, this effective program offers a great resource designed to help parents’ manoeuver through the teen years

Christian Campus Training Program:

The continued spiritual health of a church is often reflected in the growth of their youth. The Campus Training Program is an eight (8) week program designed to help 18 – 25 year old campus students develop not only spiritually but also in their leadership skills. Participants will benefit from the mature and experienced trainers who are focused in mentoring them to ensure they each reach their potential. Participants will learn how to study the bible with interested individuals during outreach times; how to prepare sermonettes and how to plan and execute outreach activities.

Short Term Missions Trips:

Short term mission trips are designed to encourage and strengthen the bond between the Canadian volunteers who attend and the local Caribbean community. Volunteers will have the excellent opportunity to demonstrate God’s love while serving and will experience a deeper compassion for those who participate in the program.