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Campus Students Serve Seniors in Haiti

Our hearts are always warmed when we see young people caring and serving the senior members of
society. They inspire us to stop our busy lives and take a moment to watch the beautiful scene scripted
by God. The Campus students of the Carrefour, Clercine and Canape Vert (Port-au-Prince), Haiti took it
upon themselves to organize a day to visit a facility that houses more than 60 seniors. The pictures
captured the student’s loving hearts as they spent time with seniors, many of whom do not have any
Lead Evangelist Lesly Cadet shared “One of the most impactful moments is seeing their (the senior’s) joy
for having these young kids loving up on them, play, dance, sing serve and pray with them.”
The students are planning to visit the seniors on a quarterly basis. In doing so, the Campus students of
Haiti have made the world a better place, not only for the seniors that they served, but also for the rest
of us looking on.

Campus Students Serve Seniors in Haiti
Campus Students Serve Seniors in Haiti
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