April in Guyana

As Canadians, what could be better than spending time in the Caribbean! This last April,
Keastner & Romayne Dawkins together with Antonia & Gilberto De Nobile had planned to go to
Guyana for Romayne and Antonia’s Aunt’s 90th birthday. This family reunion/vacation was a
great opportunity for rest and relaxation. However God had another plan in mind.

As God would have it, the day they purchased their tickets, they were approached by the
Canadian Board Chair of the Caribbean Missions Society to help with the Guyana church.
Keastner was put into contact with Roger Jackman, leader of the Georgetown Church of Christ
and a plan was formed.

Prior to the family festivities, the Dawkins & De Nobiles spent time with the Guyana church.
Antonia was excited to visit as she had lost contact with some of the members she had met years
ago. Life in Guyana could be very challenging, yet, both couples were encouraged by the joy and
love displayed by the church members during the Easter Sunday service. The message was
inspiring; the children’s singing was enjoyable and Gilberto noted that despite limited resources
the church in Guyana is impressive.

That evening, the Dawkins & De Nobiles hosted a marriage enrichment night for the married
couples in the church and their friends. They organized the whole evening from refreshments; ice
breaker game, to the sharing from their own marriages. The attendees roared with laughter and
learned a lot about their own marriages. The event started a movement as the married ministry
realized that they needed each other and have begun regular group meetings with light lessons
and discussions.

On Easter Monday they all attended the kite flying event. It is a tradition that every Easter
Monday the people of Guyana fly kites as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. This is amazing
since the country is of mixed faiths.

On a personal level, the Dawkins & De Nobile’s enjoyed their time with the Guyana church and
felt they were blessed by serving. It gave them a sense of purpose as they were able to give to
God’s church while they were on vacation. Next time – well, they are working on a plan!

The Dawkins & The DeNobiles are members of The Toronto Church of Christ